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The awesome Atlasware vacuum flask was discovered by an adventurous soul after she had been crisis-crossing the world in search of adventure and new experiences.

Her travels took her to India and it was there in preparing for another series of hikes and day tripping, that she first discovered this incredibly tough vacuum flask that kept hot drinks hotter and cold liquids colder than anything she had ever used before. It didn’t take long to realise that this was undoubtedly a quality product that would serve the South African consumer well in all the diverse hot and dry or even cold and wet conditions they can experience.

The excitement of discovering this amazing flask, accompanied by a spirit of entrepreneurship, convinced her that this insulated vacuum flask, capable of delivering the highest performance as far as insulated flasks go, was exactly what every household needed – actually what every person needed for the work place or outdoor living because its tough exterior would make it an ideal addition to the outdoor enthusiast’s kit.

What more could one want – an environmentally friendly, re-usable and zero waste product that does an amazing job and is easy to carry and use on-the-go.

Atlasware SA was born out of this exciting journey of discovery and by 2010 the flasks, which are sourced directly from Chennai India, had landed in South Africa and a small dynamic team of passionate individuals had gathered forces to launch this product that they just knew South Africa needed.

Today Atlasware SA products are distributed through hand picked agents and stores nationally and across our borders to a steadily growing fan base of individuals ranging from game guides and farmers to sportsmen and women and even schoolchildren – all people who have come to rely on this range of durable, high performance flasks which are certified BPA free that enhance an active lifestyle.

Rust Proof

24 Hours Cold
18 Hours hot

Double Walled
& Fully insulated

sizes & colours