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Modern, stylish, practical, environmentally friendly – and uniquely SOUTH AFRICAN!

The Quench range of products was born with one vison in mind: To spoil South Africans with trendy quality and affordable products that deliver great performance, durability and most importantly are not going to add to the further trashing of Mother Nature.

We are a nation that loves getting outside and working up a healthy sweat. We delight in nature and thrive on hiking, exercising, cycling and picnicking in the beautiful outdoors.

There is nothing more distressing than encountering a pile of discarded plastic bottles or rubbish in a beautiful corner of a forest or picking up bits of plastic on a beach when we should be collecting seashells.

As a result we are all becoming increasingly mindful of our responsibility to be custodians of our planet.

By 2015 the team at Quench started to criss-cross the globe in search of a manufacturer that could satisfy our very specific needs.

We are excited to say we were successful and since then have been free to dream and design environmentally friendly products that are totally safe and healthy for use.

Quench use only the best materials to produce a range of sustainable, reusable, durable, BPA free products that the South African consumer can use with peace of mind. We will continue in our pursuit to build a community that contributes to the zero waste drive to keep our world pristine, without compromising on quality or comfort.

Effortlessly cleaned
& maintained

Preserves flavour
& freshness

Double Walled
& Fully insulated

High grade
stainless steel